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Kachina Inman,
Healthy Living Collaborative of Southwest Washington

"What an amazing conference. Our team left inspired and full of hope. I just want to let you know what a positive experience our CHWs and peers had at the conference.”


Thank you to our partners who made Science of HOPE possible!

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Jen Cai, MPH, CPH

Working in program evaluation and facilitation, Jen leads workshops on self-care, stress, and mental/emotional well-being.

The Science of Hope brings together health equity front-line practitioners, system leaders and leading researchers and academics to learn from one another, build new relationships across silos and sectors, and explore leading-edge issues to foster innovation and positive change.

Feel inspired, connected, and informed.

From April 26-27, 2017 our annual two-day conference brought together those working to create enduring healthy equity.


Dr. Michael McAfee

President of PolicyLink, Annie E. Casey Children and Family Foundation Fellow, Aspen Institute Ideas Scholar, and Leap of Reason Ambassador.

Nikki Silvestri

Co-Founder of Live Real and former Executive Director of People's Grocery and Green for All.

Andrea Lopez-Diaz

Community Connector at Healthy Gen, mobilizing communities to create grassroots-based operating systems to improve local health.

Chris Daikos, MiT, MEd, EdS

Educational and psychological consultant, school administrator, teacher and psychologist.

Ricky Munoz

Scholarship work in the importance of hopeful thinking, along with community engaged research efforts on health with homeless youth.

Stacy Delong

Development Program Manager with CORE supporting data science and analytics work in Washington State

Dr. Moshe Szyf

Geneticist and pioneer of epigenetics, James McGill Professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at McGill University.


As a Helping Professional, you’re probably aware that you have a significant risk of suffering work-related burnout and fatigue. In fact, you may be so focused on caring for others that you don’t recognize your personal and professional boundaries have been weakened or violated.

Healthy Gen presents
Transform Your Boundaries, part of our Professional Education Resources. The Transform Your Boundaries Series is designed to assist Helping Professionals with the prevention of fatigue, burnout and related symptoms like stress, depression, addiction and other serious issues.

Transform Your Boundaries is based on the tried and true methods of therapist, author and boundaries expert, Sarri Gilman. It is centered on the simple notion that your boundaries are there to take care of you, but they can’t unless you tune in to, know and strengthen them.


Roberto Dansie

Clinical psychologist, Toltec Tribal member, cultural diversity expert, and author of the "Four Elements," a comprehensive view of the Cultural Wisdom.

Keynote Speakers

Lunch: April 26th

Breakfast: April 27th

Lunch: April 27th

Workshop Presenters

Dustyn Addington

Knowledge & Learning Specialist at Healthy Gen, enabling cross-programmatic learning, reflection, and strategy development.

Kathy Burgoyne, PhD

Sr. Director of Applied Research at Healthy Gen, prevention practitioner and researcher with commitment to vulnerable youth.

Dominic Cappello

Co-founder of Safety+Success and co-author of the Ten Talks series on family safety, appearing on Oprah.

Dr. Sasha Rabkin

Established and led partnerships with hundreds of school districts and managed community-based social justice leadership interventions.

Dr. Christopher Knaus

Founding director of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program, race scholar, critical race theory practitioner, educator, advocate.

Ijeoma Olou

Writer, speaker, and Internet yeller, editor-at-large at The Establishment, and author of "So You Want to Talk About Race" to be released this year.

Bob-e Simpson-Epps

Focus on creating system-wide, community-based and culturally specific approaches to address trauma and stress-induced issues in the lives of children.

Julie Peterson

Sr. Director of Policy at Healthy Gen, responsible for the vision, leadership, planning and implementation of the organization's Public Affairs plan.


James Caringi PhD, MSW

Associate Professor and Chair at School of Social Work, University of Montana specializing in primary and secondary traumatic stress.

Wally Endicott

Executive Director of the Kids at Hope Northwest Resource and Training Center, training and empowering "Treasure Hunters" in the northwest region.

Liz Davis

Co-founder and CEO of Northwest Venture Philanthropy involved in several collective impact efforts at the local, regional and state levels. 

Josue Guadarama, MA

Counseling Psychology doctoral candidate at Washington State University, using a multicultural lens to promote valued living.

Dr. Chan Hellman

Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, Professor in the Department of Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma.

Sarri Gilman, LMFT

Licensed marriage and family therapist, author, community leader and creator/founder of the Transform Your Boundaries® workshop.

Welcome & Keynote
– Dr. Moshe Szyf
Is This Really Success? The way in which we define progress and success in social justice and social service can be harmful to marginalized people

– Ijeoma Oluo
Community Based Health Approach – Pierce County Accountable Community of Health

– Robbi Kay
– Gretchen Hansen
– Nicole Olson
– Alisha Fehrenbacher
– Alisa Solberg

What Story Does Your Data Tell?

– Amy Carder, MA
– Joe Fuller, CPP, ICPS
– Geof Morgan, Ed.D

Adverse Childhood Experiences & Secondary Traumatic Stress: Promoting Health Equity for Service Providers and Educators Personally, Professionally, and Organizationally

– Jim Caringi
Hope Informed Practice for Personal and Professional Well-being

– Dr. Chan Hellman
– Ricky Munoz

Essentials for Childhood: What It Is and How It Hopes to Help Communities and Stakeholders

– Liz Davis
– Janna Bardi
– Greg Williamson
– Robin Higa
– Michael O’Neill
– Marilyn Gisser
– Tory Henderson

Lunch Keynote

– Dr. Michael McAfeeView
Power Dynamics in Personal and Organizational Engagement

– Greg Williamson

TALK: Social Emotional Learning in WA State

– Dr. Mona Johnson, CDP, Ed.D

TALK: The Actual Science of Hope, An Overview

– Dr. Chan Hellman

TALK: National Network of Libraries of Medicine: Unlocking a Treasure Chest of Information

– Patricia Devine

TALK: Health Equity 101: Creating the World We Want to Live In Through Public Health

– Omid Bagheri

ACTIVITY SESSION: ACES & Trauma Informed Project Mapping

A conversation with Dr. Moshe Szyf on Epigenetics

– Dr. Nancy Anderson, Moderator

School Based Mental Health

– Mona Johnson
– Mick Miller
– Mike Hickman
– Erin Riffe
– Kristin Shutte

Building Community Power with Hope and Love

– Dr. Shawn Ginwright
Building Hope Through Economic Empowerment in Minority Communities

– Eze-Basil Chinwendu Oluo

Motivational Interviewing

– Josue Guadarrama
Race Based Conversations

– Patricia Julio
– Joy Wiggins
Using Social Media in Public Health Campaigns

– Patricia Devine

Emotional Emancipation from Trauma – A Spiritual and Moral Response

– Bob-e Simpson Epps
– Dr. Dorothy Simpson-Taylor
– Kathy Burgoyne
– Sarah Redding
Bridging Community Voice and Systems-Level Change: An Evaluation of a Community-Based CHW Program
– Kachina Inman
– Jen Cai
Welcome & Keynote
– Roberto Dansie
Finding Resilience Through Self Expression
– Caroline Brown
– Aishe Keita

Healthy Seven Generations: Healthy Babies, Healthy Moms, Healthy Families
– Cindy Gamble,MPH
– Jan Ward Olmstead (BarbarenoChumash), MPA
– Marilyn M. Scott (Whe-Che-Litsa)

Creating Professional Balance in a Traumatic and Triggering World
– Mona M. Johnson, CDP, Ed.D
– Christopher B. Knaus, Phd.
Precarious Health: Multigenerational Trauma of Undocumented Families
– Alejandra Pérez
– Larissa Reza

Community Based Peer-Leadership
– Presented by Salishan Community Health Advocates

Developing Hope Based Interventions and Outcomes
– Dr. Chan Hellman
– Ricky Munoz

Lunch Keynote
– Nikki Silvestri
TALK: Naming and Taming Overwhelm
– Sarri Gilman

TALK: Hope in Social Change
– Ricky Munoz

TALK: Fake News and Truth
– Dustyn Addington
ACTIVITY SESSION: ACES & Trauma Informed Project Mapping

TALK: State Legislative Update
– Julie Peterson

TALK: Mass Incarceration as a Public Health Crisis
– Andrew Taylor
Implementing the Power of Hope
– Roberto Dansie

Developing a Community-Driven Cross-Sector Data Strategy in SW WA
– Nicole Olson
– Kachina Inman
– Stacy DeLong

Social Justice Through Creative Expression
– Nikkita Oliver

Hope is a Learned Skill. It is Not a Feeling, but a Strategy.
– Wally Endicott
How Building Resilience in the Face of Trauma Helps Both Schools & Kids Succeed
– Dr. Christopher Blodgett
Mental Models
– Dave Ellis
School Discipline: Creating a Trauma-Informed Multi-Tiered System of Support
– Chris Daikos
– David Lewis

Building a CHW Coalition
Panel Discussion Moderated by: Andrea Lopez-Diaz

Helping Health Systems Adopt a More Inclusive Way of Working
– Bridget B Kelly, MD, PhD

Trauma + School: Learning from Men in Prison about their Life Journeys
– Krista GoldstineCole, M.Ed.

Continuous Quality Improvement: A Strategy for Measurable and Meaningful System Change
– Dominic Cappello

Community Healing
– Dave Ellis


Breakfast: April 26th

KEYNOTE: Dr. Moshe Szyf, Geneticist and pioneer of epigenetics, James McGill Professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at McGill University.

KEYNOTE: Dr. Michael McAfee, President of PolicyLink, Annie E. Casey Children and Family Foundation Fellow, Aspen Institute Ideas Scholar, and Leap of Reason Ambassador.

KEYNOTE: Dr. Roberto Dansie, Clinical Psychologist, Toltec Tribal member, cultural diversity expert, and author of the "Four Elements," a comprehensive view of the Cultural Wisdom.

KEYNOTE: Nikki Silvestri, Co-Founder of Live Real and former Executive Director of People's Grocery and Green for All.

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